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                                                   Engagement Sessions with McConville Studio

Engagement sessions are SOOOO much fun and we highly encourage you to schedule one!  They give us a chance to hang out and get to know each other better, plus, you’ll become more familiar with our style of photographing.  Not to mention, there’s just some fun, practical reasons to have a session done, like using your photos for save the dates and invitations, or even decorations at the wedding reception!  Come the day of the wedding, you’ll be a pro, we’ll have a blast together and you’ll have a ton of great photos of you guys looking a little bit more like you do on a daily basis, incorporating things that are quintessentially “YOU!”  

Engagement sessions are also the perfect time to take advantage of playing up your style and going to specific places that you may not be able to do on your wedding day due to a lack of time, logistics or just plain old impracticality! It’s just a fun, laid back time for the two of you to plan a date and for us to tag along ;-)  

Sessions can be as short and sweet as you want them, with one outfit and one location, or, they can be as planned and themed as you’d like, incorporating a few different outfits and locations.  We typically keep the sessions to and hour and a half to no more than 2 hours, simply because at that point, your cheeks will probably hurt from laughing and smiling, not to mention the fact you’ll probably be hungry.  But hey, you may be gussied up from the photos, so you’ll be all set you head out to a restaurant afterward!  

Speaking of outfits, don’t hesitate to spend some time shopping and figuring out your clothing options.  Please make sure you bring choices that you know you’ll LOVE how you feel and look.  A couple of different options that reflect your style, in a casual sense, maybe dressy or even something sporty can be super fun and give you lots of variation.  We also LOVE accessories!  Sassy shoes, hats, scarves, statement jewelry, spiffy, tailored suit coats and suspenders are just great to play with.  We also recommend checking out having your hair and makeup professionally done if you can!  The more confident you feel about the way you look, the more fun and stress-free you’ll be.  That will definitely resonate in your photos ;-)  

We are obviously in the wedding industry, so the majority of our main working days are weekends.  So, with that in mind, we schedule engagement sessions during the week, either in the earlier morning or in the evening, about an hour and a half or 2 hours before dusk.  The light is really the best in these times of day, of course, depending on the time of year.  But definitely contact us for more information or to get get scheduled! 


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