Meet GIF BOOTH: the animated, fully digital photobooth from the future. 

Photobooths are all doing the same thing these days - we wanted to offer something new and fun for wedding guests. GIF BOOTH creates super-fun, fast-paced animated gif files that are sent instantly via text message.  Your guests can save them to their phones and share via Facebook and Twitter.  Use your wedding #hastag too!  After the wedding you receive a host site with all the digital files your guests created at your wedding from GIF BOOTH!

**Best time to begin gif booth is during cocktail hour and again after first dances!

$600 as a stand alone product.

$450 as one of a minimum of two add-ons in your wedding package.

**The GIF Booth is also best with at least 9 hours of wedding day coverage so that you and your guests can enjoy plenty of time creating fun GIFs!!! The GIF Booth does leave with us when we say goodbye for the night!