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Portraits with McConville Studio          

Having a young family of our own, we place huge value on our memories.  We know how how quickly the kiddos change and grow, as well as the evolution of our own style!  Capturing these stages in your family is something you’ll never regret.  We will never be out to stage your family and your kids so that it doesn’t reflect who you are.  Spending time together doing the fun things your kids and family enjoys is how we roll!  If you like to go boating, let’s go boating.  If you like to play at the park, let’s play at the park.  If you like to dance together, crank up the music!  If it’s not nice outside, let’s bake cookies, or read books or even splash in the bathtub!  In fact, it’s the everyday routine things that we spend so much of our time doing, and yet, it’s those things that rarely get documented.  So, we’re excited to come hang with your family, play, chill out and maybe have a tea party.  :-)  We definitely have some tricks up our sleeves to break the ice with the kiddos…just warning you, farting noises could possibly be involved.  ;-)     

We have a few different package options for portrait sessions, so contact us and we’ll be happy to send you that information!  All of our packages include a beautiful online gallery where you’ll be able to proof and download the images that are included as a part of the package you select.  


We do a lot of our photos outside, so the weather is SUPER important. If it's nasty or super windy out, we definitely go for a Plan B date so that we can provide you with the best photos!  We know you're investing in these and we don't want to settle for less than ideal conditions. If you have scheduled an in-studio session, you don't have to worry about this!  ;-)


This is your chance to really play up your style!!  Think of this as your opportunity to be a fashion model for the day!  We have several session options for you to choose from, so when you inquire for your senior portraits, we’ll be happy to send these to you!  We definitely recommend professional hair and makeup if you can, but have fun shopping and carefully selecting those amazing statement pieces and accessories that will accentuate your incredible smile and personality!  Bring your instrument, your sport equipment and anything that represents who you are and what you love!  This is definitely NOT your parent’s senior portrait experience!!  


If kiddos are involved in the photos you'd like to have taken, please be sure that you are taking into consideration your child's best time!  If it's nap time for them, we can pretty much guarantee that the photo session will NOT go smoothly!  Re-dos for photo shoots aren't free, so make sure you choose a great time when everyone is in a good mood and ready to smile!  ;-) 


Clothing choices are important as well, since you will want to LOVE what you look like the day of the shoot.  These photos will hopefully be hanging in your home for a long time, so here are a couple pieces of style advice:  We recommend not choosing clothes that are super "matchy-matchy."  You want to coordinate well, but not look cheesy!!  A mixture of textures and patterns are always good as long as the colors coordinate well.  You also want to be sure that the colors you choose and the style of clothing fits well and is flattering on your body types. As much as we have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, you can find some really great color and accessory combo inspiration there!

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind when planning for your shoot! 

We recommend staying away from any tops that are very low cut or any skirts or shorts that are very short.  Guys, make sure your clothes fit you!  Super baggy clothing just doesn't photograph well!  Not only can these be unflattering, but it also can prohibit us from being able to pose you how we would like.

Ladies, a little more makeup that what you might be used to usually renders very well in photos.  We don't want you to feel like you don't look like yourself, but an "enhanced version" of you is very nice for photos. We do recommend looking into having your hair and makeup professionally done if you can! It never hurts to feel a little extra sassy to give you that boost of confidence!  

We’re excited to be in touch with you and make time on our calendar to provide you with an incredible experience and precious photos to deck your walls!


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