Wedding, Portrait and Editorial Photographers



He’s a proud alum of the SIU photo program.  He’s a master black and white film developer and self taught digital prodigy.  Although he’s insanely creative, he doesn’t have a musical bone in his body.  He’s spontaneous and an extroverted introvert.  He’s the genius jack of all trades and can figure anything out with his ingenuity and YouTube videos.  He’s handy, he’s strong, he’s a man of God, he lives with integrity and his work ethic is mind blowing.  He loves to listen talk radio, audio books on personal development, loves working with his hands and building stuff.  If he had the time, he would probably build furniture or flip houses! He loves the realm of biohacking and is always looking for holistic ways to improve his health and efficiency. Entrepreneurial blood flows through his veins and he has never been afraid to try something new. He’s kind, he’s trust worthy, silly and ridiculously funny, AND he’s got an EPIC beard. 


She’s a proud alum of the NIU music program.  Music has always been a passion…in fact, she’s a singer, a clarinetist and tinkers around with the guitar and piano.   She is the socialite.  She loves Jesus and is driven by building authentic relationships with others.  She jumps on any opportunity she has to hang out with someone and can often loose track of time doing that! She loves to laugh, smile and help people feel comfortable.  She embraces her own awkwardness, especially in front of the camera, and is REALLY good at making an idiot out of herself ;-)  She loves ALL things holistic…nutrition, oils, homemade body and cleaning products!  It’s ok if you call her a granola…she’ll thank you and take it as a compliment!

Together they balance each other other quite nicely.  They’re a real couple who tend to bicker sometimes and just strive to live with authenticity.  Life is about service to others and encouraging them in their marriage relationship as well as to value the memories they’ll cherish forever.  

Phil and Andrea were married in May of 2007 and have two crazy fun and brilliant kiddos named Owen and Gwenna, (affectionately referred to as “crumsnatchers.”) When they aren’t hanging out with their awesome clients, taking photos or editing them, you can find them involved as a family at their church, sharing the holistic nutrition they love, going to a yoga class, grilling out, fixing up their 100 year old home, (there’s ALWAYS a project to complete), spending time outside with their kids or dreaming about the next camping trip they’ll take!   


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