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                                                Weddings with McConville Studio

{We shoot weddings anywhere!  Some locations may require a small travel fee, but please contact us for a custom quote!}

Weddings are our favorite for lots of reasons…we love how fast paced and chaotic they are, (somehow, we thrive off of adrenaline and high pressure situations), we get so excited to serve you on one of the most important days of your life, we love meeting people like your crazy Uncle Fred and your infamous roommate from college.  We are ALL about the relationships because we just love people.  Some of our best friends were clients who hired us to shoot their wedding!!  This truly is the beginning and we love being there to help you be present and truly immerse yourself in all that will happen that day.  We value our memories and to be honest, that’s why we do what we do…you really won’t walk away with much else from this day!! 

We work fast, but fun.  Phil and I are a team and we definitely know our strengths and help each other utilize them!  So, Phil is the main photographer, who directs, poses and makes sure you feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera.  I’m the socialite and love getting to know you, having fun conversation and laughing all while the photos are happening!  More than likely, I’ll probably say something ridiculous or bite the dust at some point, but it’s all good!  I’m definitely not the most graceful person you’ll ever meet, but I’ve claimed it and I’m ok with it!  Ha!  

Our style is mostly a light, airy photojournalistic approach, with a little fashion flair and minimal posing.  As I said before, we definitely strive to make the process as natural and fun as we can! We love to create an initial pose for you and just allow your interactions together to create the photos!  I might tell you to grab his toosh, or I may have you whisper something in her ear that will crack her up laughing!  Whatever those things are, your reactions will be priceless and that’s what we aim for!  That’s only the ice breaker and the beginning of the fun we’ll have!  

We are so excited to capture the incredible relationships, laughter, details and memories that comprise your day.  They are so precious.  

We completely understand budget and the fact that weddings can quickly get out of hand!!  We want you to carefully select your photographer based on their style, quality, consistency and your connection to them!  Remember, your photographer will be hanging with you the whole day, so you need to like and trust them!!  It should never be completely about the price.  We would love the opportunity to hang out with you, hear about your vision for your day and share how we can serve you to facilitate your vision!   So if you like what you see here, let's connect in person so you can get the big picture!   Please do fill out the contact form to give us a little info so we can be in touch for a time to hang out! During our time together, we’ll get to know each other, (I HAVE to hear all the mushy-gushy details about how you met and how he popped the question), gawk over your sparkly new bling, and chat through a fun and detailed electronic brochure that has loads of great info in it regarding how we do weddings through our studio!  

 We have several different packages with various hourly coverage and products to suit your needs!  Your package is totally customizable based on your priorities and I’m excited to help you figure out what those are!

Always included in the process and package is Andrea’s help planning, coaching and creating the timeline for your day, as well as anything else that might be needed on the day! This includes but is not limited to help with hair and makeup once your stylists have gone, help bustling the dress, pinning boutonnieres, cleaning any stains with her “magic microfiber cloth” and just any random communication that might be needed!   Plus you’ll also get the privilege of checking out Phil’s glorious beard the whole day ;-)  He’s pretty handy and always has some great, creative ideas up his sleeves, too


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